We create powerful email campaigns that hit your customers right in the inbox

Electronic direct mail is a highly cost-effective form of digital marketing

Electronic direct mail, also known as database e-DM, is often overlooked in the digital marketing mix.

As a business owner you may have sent the odd e-blast, but have you really unlocked the full potential of electronic direct mail?

In the hands of experts, database e-DM can be one of the most potent, precise and cost-effective digital marketing tools available.

At Hyperactive Digital we know how to maximise email marketing to create the best possible return on investment.

Capitalise on one of your most valuable digital assets – your database

Building an email customer list or database is the bedrock of database e-DM.
At Hyperactive Digital we build and consolidate your customer list from a range of sources including:

  • Website traffic, through opt-in e-newsletters

  • Website sales on your e-commerce site

  • Data records from bricks and mortar outlets

  • Data records from CRM systems

From here we manage and maintain your customer list. This includes:

  • Regular updates with new contacts

  • Clean-ups of bounces and errors

  • Segmentation of your database based on behaviour, preferences and past buying history

  • Integration with your CRM system

With a good database at our fingertips we create tailored email campaigns that get the right content to the right person at the right time.

Database e-DM is ideal for many scenarios

Traditionally, database e-DM has been successfully used for:

  • Regular enewsletters

  • New product announcements

  • Promotional offers and specials

  • Special event invitations

Such communications enable you to:

  • Send a personalised message

  • Drive traffic to your website via click-throughs

  • Motivate the recipient to respond and move along the buyer’s decision-making funnel

  • Send tailored messages relevant to specific market segments

Automation of email messaging

Database e-DM is also being increasingly used within automated workflows triggered by the actions of a sales lead when they visit your website.

According to their online behaviour, visitors to your website are deemed to be at a certain stage of the buyer’s decision-making funnel. That’s the cue to turn a warm lead into a hot one by sending them the right piece of online communication.

Let’s say your website visitor is looking at motorbikes and has returned to your website page about an upcoming new release a couple of times.

At this point an email newsletter can be automatically generated about dates when stock will arrive in the showroom.

If the recipient clicks through you can send them a follow-up email a few days later inviting them for a test drive.


A total service – from strategy to creative, execution and analysis

Once we have set up a system for you we can share the workload with your team. Or Hyperactive Digital’s in-house team can take care of all your database email campaigns for you including:

  • Customer list building

  • Customer list management

  • Database e-DM strategy

  • Campaign design

  • Copywriting

  • Graphic design

  • Implementation

  • Campaign execution

  • Outcome analysis

We understand that details matter. For example, subject line and timing are key factors that can influence open and click-through rates.

With an increasing volume of web browsing happening via smartphone, it’s also important that email marketing material formats are mobile-compatible.


Constant analysis for constant improvement of return on investment

Database e-DM platforms generate a range of reports that reveal valuable insights into your customers. Opens, click-throughs and bounces are just the beginning.

This enables razor-sharp message targeting and improved response rates and return on investment.

To see how successful database e-DM has been for one of our clients, please read this case study.