Does your company have a digital strategy?

To paraphrase Bill Gates: “We are in the throes of a transition where every business has to think of their digital strategy.”

Does your company or organisation have a digital strategy? Many don’t.

You may have a website, Facebook page or be involved in other digital activities, but without a digital marketing plan, you may be missing opportunities to maximise your ROI.

The digital revolution is disrupting and reinventing the way the world does business, and businesses that fail to engage with this reality are being replaced by those that do.

At Hyperactive Digital we provide a digital strategy service to help identify the digital opportunities available to you, and bring clarity to marketing your business in the digital space.


Why have one anyway?

The fast-moving digital environment opens up opportunities to elevate customer engagement and sales.

However in many businesses and organisations, digital activities happen in a somewhat chaotic, unplanned fashion, without much thought or analysis to define what best aligns with overall business objectives and delivers the most value for the marketing spend.

A digital strategy applies structure to your digital marketing activities. It joins the dots between technology, your target audience, your business objectives, brand and creative ideas – while striving to achieve measurable goals. The overarching aim is return on investment.

Having a digital roadmap is simply a smart way to manage your online marketing. It also allows you to communicate and justify your online marketing activities to other members of your management team who may not understand the digital world as well as you do.

Developing your digital strategy

Developing your digital strategy is a collaborative process where the team at Hyperactive Digital consults with you to find out where you are now and where you want to be, and develops a plan to get there.

It usually follows this step-by-step model:

  • Discovery. We seek to understand your business, key target audience and competition. This includes an evaluation of the relationship between your online and traditional physical business (if you have one). Next, we explore your key business objectives and their connection with your online activities.
  • Review. We review your current marketing activities, across digital as well as traditional channels. We also look at the marketing activities of your key competitors and analyse your position against theirs in terms of online profile, brand reputation, organic search ranking and social engagement.
  • Technology exploration. We inform you and your management team about the digital and technology options for today and tomorrow, major trends in online tools, technology and opportunities for your brand, including fresh ideas about digital channels you may not have considered before.
  • Delivery. Based on our research and analysis, we identify and define your key value proposition, develop user engagement models and deliver a digital strategy. This becomes the blueprint for your online marketing presence and prioritises projects in an orderly, staged fashion over a set timeframe. This includes a methodology to track progress and measure results.

In many cases, this process may include a one to two-day workshop.

Does having a digital strategy sound like a plan? For an obligation-free chat about our digital strategy services, contact our digital marketing team now.