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Paid online advertising – Australia’s new advertising direction

If you haven’t already invested part of your advertising spend online, chances are you soon will.

Ad spending online is sharply on the rise in Australia. Paid online advertising in Australia generated $1.15 billion during the March 2015 quarter, a 5% increase year on year according to the Online Advertising Expenditure Report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Another report (Commercial Economic Advisory Service) states that digital advertising captured 36% of the total $12.8 billion advertising market spend in Australia in 2014, up from 31% in 2013.

The numbers tell a big story. Paid advertising is no longer limited to traditional media such as printed newspapers and magazines, billboards, radio and television. Modern marketers now have the option of digital advertising – a medium that can precisely target consumers based on their online behaviour.

At Hyperactive Digital we can show you how online advertising can harness the unique properties of the internet to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. 

Why online advertising is different

Advertising begins by knowing who your customer is and where their passions lie.

That’s where the internet excels. When you surf the internet you leave a trail of data about your habits, interests and responsiveness to advertising messages – and that’s gold for any marketer.

Based on this profiling, your audience can be targeted with precision – often when they are actively searching for the goods and services you offer.

It means that compared to traditional advertising, online advertising is:
  • More targeted
  • More timely
  • More interactive
  • More measurable
  • More cost-effective
Online advertising is constantly changing and there are new technologies and options all the time. We make it our mission to stay ahead of the game, so you can stay ahead of yours.

We plan your campaign across search, media network and social channels

At Hyperactive Digital we have years of experience in media planning across both traditional and digital advertising media.

We know how to get the most from your media budget using the latest digital technologies. At the same time our approach is grounded in tried and tested media planning principles.

We start by defining your target audience, their desires and concerns. In the digital world, this is often called a persona.

Once we have a picture of who we want to talk to and where they are likely to be in the buyer’s decision-making journey, we can craft an online advertising campaign to engage and nurture them.

Major digital channels include:

Search channels. Search engine results pages (SERPs) lie at the heart of most people’s activities online. Pay per click, or PPC (Google AdWords) is a way of attracting instant traffic to your website through prominent sponsored links on search engine results pages. If the user clicks on the link there is a small charge. Other paid search options have different payment models. At Hyperactive Digital we believe PPC can be especially useful to achieve instant results at the start of a campaign. Hyperactive Digital is a Google Partner, which makes us expert in the art and science of Google Adwords.

Media network channels. Australia’s traditional media companies are transitioning their publishing output from print to pixels, from TV channels to online channels. Media players such as News Limited, Seven West Media and CVC Asia Pacific have interests across major Australian print and broadcast media with online versions as well as dedicated online sites on which you can advertise.

Social media channels. Today almost 50% of Australian consumers access social media every day. In the 18-29 group the figure is almost 80% (Sensis Social Media Report 2015). Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, instagram and LinkedIn offer paid advertising opportunities on these channels. We select the social media channels that most closely align with the profile of your customers and product offering.

Forms of advertising include:
  • Sponsored links such as Google AdWords. These are the listings you typically see at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Display and banner ads. These are the prominent visual ads you typically see on web pages.
  • Retargeting. Let’s say you’ve visited a website a couple of times looking at a particular item. Ever noticed how an ad for this item suddenly appears on the new site you’re looking at, giving you a little nudge to follow through and buy the item? That’s retargeting – an effective way to turn browsers into buyers.
  • Video commercials. YouTube is increasingly being used as a channel for television commercials.
  • Sponsored posts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn all have advertising options to further reach your target market, promote audience engagement and drive customers to your website.

We target your audience with pinpoint accuracy

The glory of online advertising is that you can target ads to the right people with pinpoint accuracy. Sophisticated tracking records people’s online behaviour and buying patterns then automatically delivers you the audience most relevant to your product or service.

Channels are also geo-targeted, so if your message is only relevant to people in Perth, you won’t waste your budget talking to people in Sydney or San Francisco.

The other great thing about online advertising is the ability to constantly measure and analyse results, so you know where things are working best and where they could work better with a little tweaking. 

From channel planning to creative, we do it all

As with any advertising, the right creative attracts attention and inspires action. Hyperactive Digital provides a turnkey online advertising service including compelling creative by our in-house team of copywriters, graphic designers and web developers.

Let’s talk about how our in-house team at Hyperactive Digital can provide an online advertising solution that works for you.

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